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Astrologers and Astrology

However , we have astrologers, who would like to scare the client will mention that Kala Sharpa Yoga will be there even if that single planet is located in either of the signs belonging to Rahu and Ketu. On questioning, they may admit that it is not a full Kala Sharpa Yoga but a partial Kala Sharpa Yoga. There is nothing known as partial Yoga, it is either there or not there.

Similarly we have astrologers, who would not like to give the bad news to their clients; they have formulated exception to this rule given above. So, they have maintained exceptions like, the combination is not valid if the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu (that is degree wise Rahu is ahead of Ketu in the zodiac), the opposite view is also there, that the combination is not valid if the planets are hemmed between Ketu and Rahu that is degree wise Ketu is ahead of Rahu in the zodiac. Same exceptions are cited by taking the houses in consideration. But Parashar defines the combination in unambiguous terms as mentioned in the beginning.

What is the impact of this combination in our natal chart?

Since by this combination one half of the chart will have all the planets and the other half will be empty, there will be mighty imbalance in a person’s life. The houses in the occupied side will get all the focus and attention in a person’s life, and the houses in the unoccupied side will get no focus or priority in the person’s life.

Impact of Kalp Sharpa Yoga on Famous Personalities

We cannot outright condemn Kala Sharpa Yoga as most inauspicious in every aspect of our life nor can we take the opposite view that it is most desirable in our life. Especially, when world famous personalities have or had this combination in their chart.

Pandit Nehru, the first prime minister of India had this combination where all his planets were hemmed between the 6th and 12th house in his chart. Ketu is in his 6th house and Rahu was in his 12th house. There were no planets between his first and 7th house in his chart. His whole life was devoted to the cause of India and to establish the rightful place for India among the league nations. This was done at the cost of stability, bliss and harmony in his personal life. This is what the imbalance was all about.

Another extreme example was Joseph Goebbles, the propaganda minister of Hitler, who had Kala Sharpa Yoga was between Ketu in Cancer in second house and Rahu in Capricorn in 8th house. He was the second most powerful person in Nazi Germany. His cruelty, insensitivity, and his lies were an essential component of Nazi atrocities and genocide of Jews during Second World War.

There is one school of thought who believes that Kala Sharpa Yoga do not allow a person to rise to a high position in life. This is not true as it is clear from the above two examples.

There are many prominent people in the world who had this combination in their chart. George Bush, the president of USA is another example. But invariably such people rise to their prominence by paying a heavy price, which does not give peace, harmony in some aspects of their life. Eventually they become a victim to such an imbalance in their life.

Nehru at the end of his life was a very lonely and a disappointed person with great feeling of betrayal and shattered dreams and ideals. Goebbles committed suicide when Red army was outside his bunker.
The main remedy for Kala Sharpa Yoga is done by invoking the blessings of Lord Shiva to subdue the serpentine planets. It is believed that the most effective remedy for Kala Sharpa Yoga will be to perform the Yagna in the Tryambakeshwar temple of Lord Shiva near Nasik in Western India.