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It is believed that a person is born in a specific time and place according to record of his karma or results of their actions in past lives. In birth chart of a person, there are events waiting in storehouse of his/her destiny, which can be modified to some extent by actions performed in this life. An astrologer determines when a planet will cross a sensitive point in the birth chart, stimulating a specific event. These events are not necessarily predestined or even required to happen. However, they show a tendency to do so over time. Birth chart becomes a record of that person's karma. Astrologer's role is to match the patterns in birth chart with current patterns in the heavens and to analyze, synthesize and draw conclusions at hand based on ancient principles.

The accuracy of the birth chart reading is directly proportional to experience and spiritual advancement of astrologer, as well as to recipient's desire and receptivity to have their birth chart read.

Vedic Astrology is considered to be a very accurate predictive form of astrology. Role of an astrologer is to help a person to understand whether he / she is in a slump or a surge and what astrological signatures indicate for them. It offers a map to guide about one's life and gives them an analytical time profile of their behavior to help them understand what compels them to act. Vedic astrology does not replace a person’s responsibility to decide what is better for them. It is rather a tool to form their own decisions and take their own action.

Concluding here, Kenneth Miller pointed out following post in a Life magazine article in July 1997:

"It turns out astrology is experiencing its biggest boom in four hundred years. According to a recent poll, just 20 percent of Americans are flat-out non-believers; 48 percent say astrology is probably or definitely valid."

Amazingly, even this interest and resurgence of interest in astrology in this new millennium is predicted in the stars. According to Western Astrology, in late 1995 the planet Pluto entered Sagittarius, commencing a 13-year period that will revive interest in spiritual, esoteric and religious subjects. In Chinese and Tibetan astrological tradition, the Year of the Rat in 1996 gave rise to a 12-year cycle that will be dominated by an overwhelming interest in philosophical studies.

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