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Astrology and Career

Saturn is a natural malefic and is greatly feared by most. When Saturn is in the 10th house, the person normally possesses great ambition, leadership ability and power. However, Saturn in any kendra gives major ups and downs in life and therefore, career successes may fluctuate. The benefits of this malefic's location in the 10th house has its benefits too, though. Saturn in the 10th gives the tendency of leadership and a highly disciplined approach to one's profession. However, the rest of the horoscope should be analyzed to confirm whether a leadership position is likely or not. Otherwise, the person's work may be connected with construction, mining, or any career involving manual labor, like steel, iron, coal, etc. Saturn's aspect on the 4th house is not good and may affect relationships with mother and also cause domestic unrest.

Rahu is a malefic but the 10th house is one of the finest placements for Rahu. The person is likely to have a powerful and renowned career. Career will flourish most if the person is connected with the masses. Influencing the masses or selling to the public is the key note of this location. As Rahu essentially generates ambition, the person may live with insatiable career ambitions, changing career many times. If other signatures of the horoscope are harmonious, the person's work and effort greatly benefit society. The person will easily reach a position of authority. Money power comes early in life and may help parents. Ancient Hindu scriptures declare that the person will prefer the company of persons of a different religious background. Association with unconventional and low class people - especially women, is one of the pit falls of this signature.

Ketu is also a malefic and is a profound energy of the unknown. Because malefics in upachaya houses produce good results, Ketu in the 10th gives excellent career success. But generally career is out of the ordinary. The sign placement is also very important as Ketu may cause problems if it is in an inimical sign (i.e., a sign ruled by one of the luminaries or a sign which is unfriendly. In such a case, the person could experience strange difficulties in career. The most common of the troubles caused by Ketu is enmity from unknown and behind-the-scene activities against the person in terms of his/ her career. This can become very troublesome in the career path as well as the person's general success and happiness.

When considering matters related to the 10th house, one must never forget that success relates to the status the person is born with. A very good 10th house in a pauper's horoscope may not mean that he/ she will attain royal status - it indicates a status that is better than that of a pauper. But with malefic or Martian attributes, the person may even turn dictator and overthrow the government.

There is some subtle significance that must also be understood before any conclusive significance to this house can be attached. The religious philosophy of a man is dharma and dharma without any significance or connection to karma is empty. It brings the focus to the core, which is good or evil. The 9th house essentially signifies the religious philosophy of the mortal that sustains through the terrestrial journey. The 10th house astrologically suggests the fruition of the 9th house. Dharma must set a certain Karma without which it would be an empty profession, devoid of any significance. It is for this reason that we find planet connections between the 9th, 10th or Ascendant. The 9th and 10th create Raj jog. They are connections that can turn a pauper into a king or a skeptic into a great guru.

When we consider the career aspect, it is not only just one or two houses that can be analyzed for a perfect picture. Career is connected with finance, vocation and ultimately, gains and self- satisfaction. If we just consider the 10th house for career, or the 6th house for service, or the 11th house for gains, or the 2nd house for conserved wealth, the analysis will remain half-hearted and incomplete. All the four have to be considered together and analyzed for just how well they are adjusted with each other's planetary energies. Then alone will the true essence emerge!