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It is time for introspection in your life for the year that has gone by and to make fresh resolutions in your life to cope with the New Year 2009.

I from my side looked at the midnight chart of 31st December 2008 and introspected on all your behalf to formulate The New Year Resolutions for each of the Zodiac signs for the year 2009. Of course, it is you who will make your individual resolutions. This set of resolutions and prayers that I am giving below will probably help you to formulate your own. Read yours, and share the others with your friends and your other family members. 

Aries: I shall decide on few realistic priorities in my life. I shall only focus and pursue those priorities only. I shall make special efforts to ensure that whatever new initiative I take during this year must be a win-win option for myself as well as for my partner, in my personal life as well as in my professional life.
Taurus: I must be humble and must pray and give thanks to the Almighty for the good fortune that I am enjoying this year. I must be sensitive and must try to help to the best of my ability those friends who are not so lucky as I am this year. 

Gemini: I must not compromise and get into any situation, which will not allow me to use my full creative potential. 

Cancer: I must avoid procrastination during this year. I must take timely action when it comes to putting my financial and material status in order. I must not waver and wait in the hope that things will be better in future. 

Leo: When I am forming any partnership, I must not forget that it must be win- win deal between my partner and me. I must not try to impose my views over my partner even if I am convinced that it will be good for my partner. 

Virgo: I shall work on my relationship front. Under no circumstances, I shall take my partner for granted. I shall make conscious efforts to nurture and improve all my relationships.

Libra: During this year I should try to consolidate my financial situations for long-term material security for my family and myself. 

Scorpio: I will not allow irrational fear and sense of insecurity affect me. I am supposed to show the light to others and to inspire others to confront the difficult time with fortitude and courage.

Sagittarius: I must be fair and sensitive to the feelings of those who are close to me and dependent on me for their material and emotional security in life.

Capricorn: No matter what happens, I must not loose focus or loose faith. Struggle I must and I have the faith that eventually I shall achieve success. 

Aquarius: “I am not alone nor I am an island. My happiness will come from nurturing my family and my loved ones.” 

Pisces: I must be loyal to my partner not only in action but in thought also. I must not allow negative thoughts to influence my attitude towards my family and loved ones.