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Aries Love Horoscope:
Take an extravagant dose of adventure and blend it well with some lively energy, add a dash of magnetism and stir it well with some passion and romance, sprinkle some prolific amount of born-leader qualities! That’s Aries Man for you, served real hot! Enigmatic and energetic, the Aries man is a true epitome of an Alpha Man, the one who leads the pack. A whirlwind of undying lively energy and charisma abounds within an Aries Man. It’s no wonder why an Aries Man is so popular amongst his friends, relatives, colleagues, and kins. But this Ram is a little stubborn and impulsive. The Aries man’s vitality and aggression can wear down even the most stalwart of the lot. Though they are nice and easy going, they may get a little argumentative at times. Don’t get upset for this is an usual norm with the Aries Man.

Aries Romance Horoscope:
It’s difficult to match your passion and enthusiasm in romance. You really know how to keep that spark in your relation. Your fetish for adventure and your zeal to often test the uncharted waters never fails to impress your partners. But you will soon get bored, if you don’t find your partner matching your enthusiasm and vigor in relation. You love challenges and don't prefer taking the easy route to impress your partner. A word of caution: do away with your argumentative nature for it may sour the sweetness in your romantic relations.

Aries Sex Horoscope:
Quite true to your nature, you love to take the lead even in sexual relations. It’s no exaggeration to say that you are actually a tiger that predates its prey when it comes to sex. Sexually, you are s a strong and physical lover. You are quite passionate and demanding lover. You are the kind who effectively separates love and sex. Though you naturally fall into a dominant role, you tend to do whatever comes naturally at the moment. Aries want their lovers to satisfy them for they will not hesitate to move on if they are not satisfied.