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Aries Health Horoscope:
Ruled by the fiery planet Mars, Aries Horoscope are usually high voltage personalities. But remember, you need a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to maintain this high energy. But the ruling planet Mars also brings several health troubles for Aries. You will find your axis of diseases often full with headaches, body aches and chest congestion. You have a tendency to ignore minor health issues. Don’t do that; treat even the smallest of injuries or health issues seriously.

Aries Relationships Horoscope:
Aries takes all relations pretty serious. So whether it’s your friend, lover, associate, family or relative of Aries, you would try to take good care of all. You enjoy meeting your friends and socializing with people and mostly you are able to befriend even the stranger with your witty approach. But your honest and at-your-face approach may lead you to trouble at times. You may even end up upsetting your friends or loved ones. This trait also makes others feel that you are aggressive and a little bossy.

Aries Fashion Horoscope:
Aries are perhaps the best dressed zodiac signs. An exotic cocktail of Suave with a dash of Sassy is what makes you so presentable and vivacious. But your adventurous attitude may even trigger you to don an off-beat dress that may not look good on you. You don’t shy away from trying something that’s not so usual and set a trend. And this zeal of yours to get drunk the avant-garde and trending fashion mystique makes you a trendsetter in your group.