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Over the years, studies and surveys have constantly revealed that favoritism in the office leads to nothing but low productivity and overall business decrement. Favoring an employee is not only detrimental for the top bosses and the boss' pet, but also for all other employees in the office. In fact, favoritism leads to a gloomy office environment where working no longer remains fun. So if you also feel as a victim of favoritism in your office and think that your boss favors someone unduly, read between the lines to know how to deal with it as per your sun sign.

Keep it professional
Earth Signs– Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are hard-working and positive and it is their positive energy that makes them a favorite with everyone in their office. These practical signs do not talk roughly with anyone and are always ready to help even. Quite expectedly, these are the signs who work on weekends and holidays.  But these are the signs that often fall prey to office favoritism where they are made to work on the behalf of boss’ pet who usually have a broad barrage of excuses ready with them. If you are one of these signs, it makes sense to learn to say no. Remember, you are in office to work and not to make friends.

Speak to the boss directly
Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are too shy to speak for themselves. These signs are the ones who are mostly exploited in their work places and fall prey to favoritism in office place. Quite expectedly, boss’ pets steal all the limelight for the work that they do and water signs fail to make their mark. If you are also one of these signs, do well to speak directly with your boss or if you are too shy to talk to your boss, approach your HR manager and discuss your problems. But remember not to tattle or berate with your boss or the HR manager and keep your cool!

Don't become aggressive
Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the signs that are most temperamental of all. These signs can’t stand injustice and get into tiffs for their rights, no matter who the person is. Favoritism is something that affects these signs the most. They simply hate boss’ pets and do not believe the phenomena of buttering and special treatments. If you are one of these signs, do well to not allow unhealthy favoritism to affect your professional. Remember, it’s not the employee’s fault that he or she receives special treatment—so don’t blame them or treat them poorly. As difficult it might sound to you, maintain a normal professional relationship with all your colleagues and bosses.

Stay positive & be patient
Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are mostly creative professionals and they tend to upset their creative mind if faced with unhealthy situations at work. Favoritism at the work place affects their performance or morale and only creates a downward spiral for their career graph. It makes sense be patient, stay positive and continue working hard for if the boss’ favorite is truly undeserving, your boss will eventually realize this and will take appropriate action. It makes sense to ensure that you prove your mettle at your work place and it shall surely bring in appreciation from your boss.