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Too many options are always paralyzing. Following a three step professional plan- graduate degree, pursuing job & working hard to achieve desired growth rate is a success mantra for all. When it comes to choosing a right career, soul searching question helps a lot. You can seek Career astrology to unfold mysteries behind your professional life. Gone are the days when people use to stick to one particular job for years, today they prefer to swap jobs or switch career. Toggling among different companies, working a sale executive or employed as a writer may be the whole resume review for a candidate

Indian astrology has its own medium to analyze best career for you suited on interest level & capabilities. From ages, astrologers have evaluated native’s birth chart to tell ideal career based on study of planets & their impact on professional life. It is obvious to feel confused when you are in the start of a career. May be you wish to pursue a Software Job but got opportunity to work as Marketing executive. What you will do then? Think wisely and pick a career as it is the building block for your growth ahead.


According to astrology, there are basically 4 Varnas- Brahmin, Kshatriya, Shudra and Viashya. Individuals with sharp intellect & excellent mental abilities falls in this category! If career as per Birth chart

Indicates this Varnas, you ought to employ in a profession that calls for sharp mind & intellectual power. You can be a Top management professional, Technical expert, Engineer in MNC, adviser or a technician. If you possess computer skills, you must do a computer related work instead of marketing job. For Kshatriya category, you must be an army officer, security officer, soldier, or a profession that calls for bravery and courage.

No matter you are at start of a career life or peak of it, you must remain open to all possibilities. When you plan to enter a new market, always remember to explore everywhere to look best for yourself. Trust your instincts and you will find a way. It’s never too late to pursue your goals; all you require is proactive approach and zeal to excel. Might be you do hard work and result is on the way. Perseverance and dedication always pays off. If you have good analytical skills, you must pursue a job of a Business Analyst, scientist, Data Analyst, strategist Consultant or Risk management official. Apart from this, there are so many jobs that demands good analytics & business skills, you must choose one amongst them.

In order to get want you want, there is no hard and fast rule. Work coherently and follow suggestions provided by eminent astrologers. Career astrology

help evaluate favorable & unfavorable time periods for your professional life. Even you got to know what best suited job is. Do what you love the most because it will encourage you to give your best at chosen profile. Any negligence might ruin your future, so best to choose prospects only after weighing every aspect. to get more details for next 1 ,3,5 year your Career Order Astrology Career Report