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Monthly Vedic Sky- JuLY, 2014 - By Dr. J. N. Pandey

Vedic Astrology is a good guide to whisk you away towards a better life provided one is open to accept and admit its projections rather than just its predictions. Over the years, Vedic Astrology has tremendously evolved in more ways than one. In a bid to learn how to navigate through your life cycle, it is essential to first understand the fundamentals of your horoscope. While the natal positions decree certain situations, occurrences and possibilities in one life, the transit of planetary bodies always brings in new and ever changing predictions and forecasts owing to the perennial movement of planetary bodies in the Vedic sky.

Effect of Sun Transit into Gemini and Cancer
The movement of Planet Sun will be in Airy and Dual sign Gemini till 16th of July 2014 and after that it will transit through the Watery and Movable sign Cancer along with Jupiter for the rest of July 2014. Therefore, during the first half of the month, there will be lots of criticism/debate on the policy formulated as well as implemented by different state/government heads across the globe. However, during the second half of the month, the state/government heads will be able to communicate clearly about their long lasting vision through their actions as well as through different communication
Effect of Mercury Transit into Gemini
The movements of Planet Mercury will be in its own sign Gemini for the entire month of July 2014, which will take direct motion on the first day of the month. Therefore, as per the movement of Planet Mercury, discussions related to international interest will resume again on different forums/platforms and may also bring in some positive conclusions. Though the market trend and prices of commodity items will b on the steeper side and the public in general will not experience much relief, positive vibrations will prevail across the market.
Effect of Moon Transit into Cancer and Virgo
The beautiful feminine energy that helps us connect to the finer aspects of life, Moon will start its quick-footed journey from Cancer and will transit in sign Virgo by the end of the month of July 2014.
Effect of Mars Transit into Virgo and Libra
Planet of Passion, Mars, the masculine energy that helps us push forward and realize our hopes and dreams, will transit through the sign Virgo till 14th of July 2014 and after that it will transit through Libra for the rest of July 2014. Therefore, the state/armed forces will have an upper hand on anti- social/nation elements and will also be able to downsize such negative elements from the society. However, during the period from 12th to 15th July 2014, some incidents such as natural calamities, road/rail accidents, etc may happen in some parts of the world and will claim heavy losses due to the transit of Mars with Rahu.
Effect of Venus Transit into Taurus and Gemini
Venus is the energy that represents love, loyalty, compassion and honesty and beauty. This Planet of Love and Money will transit through own sign Taurus till 13th of July 2014 and after that it will transit through Gemini for the rest of July 2014. Therefore, issues related to women empowerment will be supported by different sections of the society and woman rulers will be able to achieve good name for them as well as for the society. Woman diplomats in different parts across the globe may play a vital role in bringing together some of the most powerful nations/leaders.
Effect of Jupiter Transit into Cancer
Devguru - Jupiter is the planet that signifies knowledge, wisdom, wealth, good fortune, peace and prosperity in the society. This Lord of Plenty has already made a major transit of the year 2014 into its exaltation sign Cancer on 19th June 2014. Therefore, efforts made across different parts around the globe towards improvement of world economy will be visible and will start giving positive signature across different parts of the world. The life of common people will improve tremendously and there will be an overall harmony on the financial front.
Effect of Saturn Transit into Libra
Planet Saturn has already transited in to its exaltation sign Libra and will be continue with its transit in to the same sign throughout the month of July 2014 where it will take direct motion on 20th July 2014. Therefore, planet Saturn will give its positive impact of transit into exaltation sign and people who are under the vicious influence of Shani Sade Sati will experience the positive impact.
Effect of Rahu Transit into Virgo and Ketu Transit into Pisces
The eternally retrograde energies Rahu and Ketu are going to make another major transit in the year 2014 where Rahu will transit into Virgo from Libra and Ketu will transit into Pisces from Aries on 12th July 2014. This significant transit of Planet Rahu and Ketu will bring in lots of positive and negative impacts in the life of common people owing to their placements in individual birth charts.