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White Sapphire Gemstone

Indian Name: Swet Pukhraj

White Sapphire gemstone, Indian Name – Swet Pukhraj, is a rarely occurring natural gemstone. Natural White Sapphire gemstone is the Jyotish gem associated with Vedic planet – Venus and helps strengthen the cosmic rays of the planet Venus, which is the astrological planet that represents our beauty, love, artistic skills, affection and married life.

Why one should wear it?

White Sapphire gemstone has tremendous astrological relevance and provides a number of benefits to its wearers. It improves relationships and increases the sense of love and affection in the wearers. It is also believed to increase creative and artistic abilities of the wearers.

Some other features

Energized White Sapphire gemstone is believed to protect the wearers from evil and premature demise. The vulnerability to negative intentions, fatal diseases, black magic and imbalance in life are all eradicated by wearing White sapphire gemstones. This sacred gemstone negates the effects of bad planetary alignments and eliminates bad luck to bring along fortunes, fame, and wealth to its wearer.

The price of White Sapphire Gemstone is primarily determined by its cut and carat. Cyber Astro offers a wide variety of astrological White Sapphire Gemstones in attractive price ranges.

Sizes Available:
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 carats
Shapes Available:
Country of Origin:
Sri Lanka
Grades Available: Price Range: Remarks
Regular USD 125 to 825 INR 7500 to 49500 Very good quality natural White Sapphire gemstone with minimum clouds. Very good shade and brilliant luster.
Super Fine USD 225 to 1275 INR 13500 to 76500 High quality natural White Sapphire gemstone with minimum clouds. Light Shade, brilliant luster and high quality.
Premium USD 375 to 1725 INR 22500 to 103500 Excellent quality natural White Sapphire gemstone. Excellent shade, luster and glossy shine.

Physical Healing Benefits
On the physical level, White Sapphire gemstone makes for one of the best Vedic remedy to deal with Liver related diseases. In addition, this gemstone also comes packed with divine energies to cure severe medical conditions such as dyspepsia and, abscess. Also, it comes handy to save wearers against pancreatic disorders, tumors and cerebral congestion.