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Yoga For Health


Yoga books tell us that Yoga, as we all know, is aimed to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit. Yogis view that the mind and the body are one and that if it is given the right yoga kit and tools and taken to the right environment, it can find harmony and heal it. Yoga therefore is considered therapeutic. It helps you become more aware of your body's posture, alignment and patterns of movement. It makes the body more flexible and helps you relax even in the midst of a stress stricken environment. This is one of the foremost reasons why people want to start Practicing Yoga - to feel fitter, be more energetic, and be happier and peaceful.

Yoga is a science that has been practiced for thousands of years. It consists of Ancient theories, observations and principles about the mind and body connection which is now being proven by modern medicine. Substantial research has been conducted to look at the Health Benefits of Yoga - from the Yoga Postures (Asanas), Yoga Breathing (Pranayama), and Meditation. The information on Yoga Poses and Benefits is grouped into three categories-physiological, psychological, biochemical effects. Furthermore, scientists have laid these results against the benefits of regular exercise.

Yoga practice is not a substitute for medical care. The emphasis is on prevention of illness by maintaining balance within the mind and body. Still, many practitioners believe that yoga has yielded positive physiological changes for them. For example, studies have shown that yoga practice has been credited with easing of complaints including back pain, stress, migraine, and insomnia.

In addition, some have found Yoga helpful in reducing high blood pressure, pulse rates, and joint pain, and increasing range of movement. People who practice Yoga regularly often cite such benefits as increased vitality, greater emotional stability, improved concentration, better muscle tone and posture, and weight loss. However, if you are overweight or suffer from high blood pressure, arthritis, or spinal disk injuries, it is a good idea to check with the doctor before trying yoga.  

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