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In predictive Vedic astrology, there are 3 distinct methodologies. They are as follows:

  1. Parashari - The method of Sage Parashar.
  2. Jaimini - The method of Sage Jaimini
  3. Tajik - The Varshaphala or annual horoscope.

The first two are called Jataka or the Hora Shastra. The last one is known as the Tajaka Shastra.

The most popular of these is the Parashari system. All our astrology reports in the web-site are essentially analyzed by the Parashari system. The Varshaphal report will be based on a methodology which is a synthesis between Parashari system and Tajik system.

Present day Western Astrology too has its genesis in the Tajik system. Both systems share many common concepts and principles, which were first, postulated by Tajik astrologers and then got incorporated in Western Astrology via Arabic Astrology.

Hence, Varshaphal reports represent the best synthesis between Vedic astrology, Arabic astrology and Western astrology. In western astrology it is known as birthday report or Solar Return report. Varshaphal report covers a period of one year in a person’s life. This one year period starts from the person’s birthday on a particular year, and the period ends on the next birthday. The Varshaphal report is the most effective tool to analyze the period between one birthday to the next.

Ordering your Varshaphal report on your birthday this year will help you navigate through all the ups and downs during the twelve months until your next birthday.

  What You Will Get
  • Introduction
  • Overall Assessment of the year based on Muntha and Muntha Lord
  • Results of the year lord (Varshesha)
  • Results of Tajik Yogas
  • Varsha Phal Prediction
  • Annual Varsha Phal Dasha
  • Important Milestone Dates (Based on Sahams)
  • Special Comments on your Concern
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies