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Love & Marriage

  One of the unique gifts of nature to us human beings, is we understand the feelings of love and romance beyond the physical/ sexual passion for another person. In the process of evolution, human beings have evolved to seek his /her life partner or soul mate.
In our quest for relationship, we are constantly asking whether we have found our perfect soul mate or not? Astrology can guide you from your chart and from the chart of your potential partner, answers to your questions and also can tell you, what you can do to bring greater passion and greater harmony and greater stability in any relationship that you have established or you are planning to establish.
  Methodology- Personalized analysis of Vedic horoscope by our astrologer  
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Life Together
12 to 15
working days
US $60
INR 2200
You should order this report only when you are already in life... love marriage
Mars in Marriage 10 to 12
working days
US $40
INR 1500
This report will give you an insight as to how mars is influencing... love marriage
Relationship Analysis 8 to 10
working days
US $50
INR 2100
This report also analyzes the charts of both the partners... love marriage
Friends and Lovers 3 to 5
working days
US $15
INR 550
This computer-generated report is based on western astrology... love marriage
Romance Quest 8 to 10
working days
US $35
INR 1250
You can ask 3 specific questions. Regarding your love life... Romance Quest
Holistic Love Report 10 to 12
working days
US $30
INR 1100
This report checks compatibility between two persons when... love marriage

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