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The aim of designing an astrology report is to empower oneself to combat and to overcome the negative signatures in some aspects of life predicted through astrological signatures in an individual's birth chart. This has no intention to succumb to it or to feel depressed and helpless about it.

The fact is if you know the signatures beforehand then you can devise smart ways to overcome the negative signatures in your life. Similarly, if astrological signatures are positive and we do nothing about them and sit tight, that good events will automatically happen, then also we will make a mistake.

We must then be proactive and make every effort at our disposal to get the best results from the positive astrological signatures. While dealing with love and romance reports, one should know that on one hand we analyze signatures in your chart and when we decide compatibility between two persons we need to analyze signatures in individual chart of both the partners.

There are some signatures in the natal chart, which are permanent and will be active throughout one’s life. However, the no. of reports is many; one may face confusion in choosing a particular report which could address his/her personal concern in a better way. Therefore, here is a simple guidance on which report you should choose and order at any point of time.

Guidelines to Order for:
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Career and Finance category reports
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Yearly Forecast category reports
Transit Forecast category reports
Life Time category reports
Instant category reports

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