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Astrology is a great way of knowing the future; what turns life will take and what may be the outcome of the choices we make in the present. There are many reasons why a person would wish to know his/her future. Some people are simply curious. There are others who feel more confident when they know what to expect and when. There are yet others who are passing through a crisis period in their lives and wish to know when things will get better. While these are generic instigators for people to visit an astrologer there must be many more specific reasons.

This report will provide you with a strategic blue print and guidance for your life from present to 25 years of future. It will also reflect on your life for the past five years. The report will use classical principles of analyzing a horoscope in Vedic astrology. Knowing your future-o-scope can enable you to enjoy all the favorable indications by your horoscope and control the negative ones. Whether it be career, romance, marriage, progeny or health, this report depicts your future picture covering every aspect of your life.

It will analyze the natal promises of planets and houses in your horoscope. It will then predict and forecast by considering both natal promises as well as dynamic analysis of Dasha system and transits with respect to your Natal Horoscope.

  What You Will Get
  • Natural and Universal status of the planets
  • Your personality as per your natal chart
  • Functional state of the planet
  • Potential of the Ascendant
  • Planets at play five years ago (Dasha or main period details)
  • Future prediction in detail from present to 25 years of future
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies